Through It All

by Gabriela Tristan

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CBMG recording artist Gabriela Tristan performs an original song entitled "Through It All". Written by Gabriela Tristan and Maskerade. Produced by Maskerade and Edjamar.


Through it All

Verse 1
So long, don’t want time to be wasted
How is that we traded places”
What you do for me
I will do for you
Don’t be surprised when I get mad
Cause I expect you’d send it back
How do I hate the person that I love the most?
Who knew it was possible? How did we get so close?
Ready for sunny days
Take all the rain away
Some days this love ain’t all that bad
Guess I’m glad…

It’s too slow, it’s too fast
Will this love ever last
Who knows? But I’m still standing next to you
We’re too close, we’re too far
You still have my heart
Through it all I’m still standing next to you


Verse 2
I know that we’re so far from perfect
From day on I knew you would be worth it
You’ve been every song
Proved everybody wrong
Friends even tried to break the bond
That you and I’ve been holding strong
Pushing and laughing, nagging
I don’t know what’s happening
Thought that I could do the impossible
But it seems that I’m failing
You call me crazy babe
Well I ain’t crazy babe
Maybe I’m crazy babe
Crazy for you


Shout out to the lovers trying to
Keep your love together
Its crazy cause the haters trying to
Tear your love apart



released July 11, 2014
Produced by Maskerade and Ed.N
Written by Gabriela Tristan and Maskerade



all rights reserved